Ellesmere Port Pool League
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Player of the Season Rankings
First Frame Results ONLY

Division 1

1Chris Harper (Straw Hat Stars)272593%
2Pat Murray (Straw Hat Stars)252392%
3Dave Sharpes (The Rigger B )272385%
4Chris Fraser (On Cue)242083%
5Graeme White (On Cue)221986%
6David Galloway (Woodlands Newco)271970%
7John Broad (Straw Hat Stars)231878%
8Steve Burns (Travellers Rest)251872%
9Mike Quinn (On Cue)241875%
10Jamie Fitzgerald (The Rigger B )251872%
11Paul Ewin (Grace Old Boys)261869%
12Andy J Jones (Straw Hat Stars)261869%
13Jason White (Travellers Rest)251768%
14Tom Edwards (On Cue)201680%
15Wayne Jones (The Rigger B )241667%
16Gary Maddocks (Travellers Rest)241667%
17Matty Cummings (Woodlands Newco)251664%
18Dave Ikin (Labour A)251664%
19Tom Edwards (On Cue)201680%
20Graham Craven (Straw Hat Stars)261558%
21Tony Bills (Labour A)241563%
22Arron Raferty (The Woodlands)231565%
23Russell Seymour (The Woodlands)231565%
24P.J Simkins (The Rigger B )211571%
25Will Morton (The Bull)231565%

Overall Player Merits

Division 1

1Pat Murray (Straw Hat Stars)464189%
2Dave Sharpes (The Rigger B )554175%
3Chris Harper (Straw Hat Stars)463883%
4Mike Quinn (On Cue)443580%
5Andy J Jones (Straw Hat Stars)473574%
6Chris Fraser (On Cue)443477%
7Jason White (Travellers Rest)493469%
8Jamie Fitzgerald (The Rigger B )513467%
9Graeme White (On Cue)423379%
10David Galloway (Woodlands Newco)513365%
11Wayne Jones (The Rigger B )453271%
12Arron Raferty (The Woodlands)473268%
13Gary Maddocks (Travellers Rest)483267%
14Dave Ikin (Labour A)503162%
15Tony Bills (Labour A)463065%
16Steve Burns (Travellers Rest)463065%
17John Broad (Straw Hat Stars)372978%
18Tom Edwards (On Cue)352880%
19Ste Griffiths (Woodlands Newco)392872%
20Cliff Hirst (Travellers Rest)422764%
21Barry Smyth (Grace Old Boys)452760%
22Paul Ewin (Grace Old Boys)502754%
23Dave Boyle (Grace Old Boys)462657%
24Ashley Goodson (On Cue)362569%
25Steve Whitehead (Woodlands Newco)452556%