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Division 1

Tuesday 13th of June 2017
Straw Hat Stars7 - 5Travellers Rest
Woodlands Newco9 - 3Horse and Jockey
Grace Squad5 - 7Labour A
On Cue9 - 3The Rigger B
vOn Cue Wrongens
The Bull5 - 7Grace Old Boys
The Duke Of Wellington4 - 8The Woodlands
Madisons7 - 6Straw Hat Misfits

Tuesday 20th of June 2017
Travellers Rest10 - 2Straw Hat Misfits
The Woodlands7 - 6Madisons
Grace Old Boys8 - 4The Duke Of Wellington
On Cue Wrongens9 - 3The Bull
The Rigger B v
Labour A4 - 8On Cue
Horse and Jockey 10 - 2Grace Squad
Straw Hat Stars10 - 2Woodlands Newco

Tuesday 27th of June 2017
Woodlands Newco5 - 7Travellers Rest
Grace Squad2 - 10Straw Hat Stars
On Cue11 - 1Horse and Jockey
vLabour A
The Bull3 - 9The Rigger B
The Duke Of Wellington12 - 0On Cue Wrongens
Madisons2 - 10Grace Old Boys
Straw Hat MisfitsvThe Woodlands

Tuesday 4th of July 2017
Travellers Rest7 - 6The Woodlands
Grace Old Boys11 - 1Straw Hat Misfits
On Cue Wrongens9 - 3Madisons
The Rigger B 11 - 1The Duke Of Wellington
Labour A8 - 4The Bull
Horse and Jockey v
Straw Hat Stars4 - 8On Cue
Woodlands Newco10 - 2Grace Squad

Tuesday 11th of July 2017
Grace Squad1 - 11Travellers Rest
On Cue5 - 7Woodlands Newco
vStraw Hat Stars
The Bull7 - 5Horse and Jockey
The Duke Of Wellington3 - 9Labour A
Madisons3 - 9The Rigger B
Straw Hat Misfits2 - 10On Cue Wrongens
The Woodlands7 - 6Grace Old Boys

Tuesday 18th of July 2017
Travellers Rest7 - 6Grace Old Boys
On Cue Wrongens10 - 2The Woodlands
The Rigger B 8 - 4Straw Hat Misfits
Labour A5 - 8Madisons
Horse and Jockey 8 - 4The Duke Of Wellington
Straw Hat Stars11 - 1The Bull
Woodlands Newcov
Grace Squad2 - 10On Cue

Tuesday 8th of August 2017
On Cue5 - 7Travellers Rest
vGrace Squad
The Bull3 - 9Woodlands Newco
The Duke Of Wellington2 - 10Straw Hat Stars
Madisons9 - 3Horse and Jockey
Straw Hat Misfits2 - 10Labour A
The Woodlands4 - 8The Rigger B
Grace Old Boys3 - 9On Cue Wrongens

Tuesday 15th of August 2017
Travellers Rest1 - 11On Cue Wrongens
The Rigger B 9 - 3Grace Old Boys
Labour A6 - 7The Woodlands
Horse and Jockey 5 - 7Straw Hat Misfits
Straw Hat Stars10 - 2Madisons
Woodlands Newco8 - 4The Duke Of Wellington
Grace SquadvThe Bull
On Cuev

Tuesday 22nd of August 2017
vTravellers Rest
The Bull0 - 12On Cue
The Duke Of Wellington6 - 7Grace Squad
Madisons5 - 7Woodlands Newco
Straw Hat Misfits2 - 10Straw Hat Stars
The Woodlands9 - 3Horse and Jockey
Grace Old Boys8 - 4Labour A
On Cue Wrongens7 - 5The Rigger B

Tuesday 29th of August 2017
Travellers Rest8 - 4The Rigger B
Labour A2 - 10On Cue Wrongens
Horse and Jockey 7 - 5Grace Old Boys
Straw Hat Stars7 - 5The Woodlands
Woodlands Newco9 - 3Straw Hat Misfits
Grace Squad12 - 0Madisons
On Cue12 - 0The Duke Of Wellington
vThe Bull

Tuesday 5th of September 2017
The Bull4 - 8Travellers Rest
The Duke Of Wellingtonv
Madisons2 - 10On Cue
Straw Hat MisfitsvGrace Squad
The Woodlands10 - 2Woodlands Newco
Grace Old Boys2 - 10Straw Hat Stars
On Cue Wrongens9 - 3Horse and Jockey
The Rigger B 4 - 8Labour A

Tuesday 12th of September 2017
Travellers Rest7 - 5Labour A
Horse and Jockey 7 - 6The Rigger B
Straw Hat Stars7 - 5On Cue Wrongens
Woodlands Newco8 - 4Grace Old Boys
Grace Squad5 - 7The Woodlands
On Cue12 - 0Straw Hat Misfits
The Bull9 - 3The Duke Of Wellington

Tuesday 19th of September 2017
The Duke Of WellingtonvTravellers Rest
MadisonsvThe Bull
Straw Hat Misfitsv
The WoodlandsvOn Cue
Grace Old BoysvGrace Squad
On Cue WrongensvWoodlands Newco
The Rigger B vStraw Hat Stars
Labour AvHorse and Jockey

Tuesday 26th of September 2017
Travellers RestvHorse and Jockey
Straw Hat StarsvLabour A
Woodlands NewcovThe Rigger B
Grace SquadvOn Cue Wrongens
On CuevGrace Old Boys
vThe Woodlands
The BullvStraw Hat Misfits
The Duke Of WellingtonvMadisons

Tuesday 3rd of October 2017
MadisonsvTravellers Rest
Straw Hat MisfitsvThe Duke Of Wellington
The WoodlandsvThe Bull
Grace Old Boysv
On Cue WrongensvOn Cue
The Rigger B vGrace Squad
Labour AvWoodlands Newco
Horse and Jockey vStraw Hat Stars