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Division 1

Tuesday 13th of June 2017
Straw Hat Stars7 - 5Travellers Rest
Woodlands Newco9 - 3Horse and Jockey
Grace Squad5 - 7Labour A
On Cue9 - 3The Rigger B
vOn Cue Wrongens
The Bull5 - 7Grace Old Boys
The Duke Of Wellington4 - 8The Woodlands
Madisons7 - 6Straw Hat Misfits

Tuesday 20th of June 2017
Travellers Rest10 - 2Straw Hat Misfits
The Woodlands7 - 6Madisons
Grace Old Boys8 - 4The Duke Of Wellington
On Cue Wrongens9 - 3The Bull
The Rigger B v
Labour A4 - 8On Cue
Horse and Jockey 10 - 2Grace Squad
Straw Hat Stars10 - 2Woodlands Newco

Tuesday 27th of June 2017
Woodlands Newco5 - 7Travellers Rest
Grace Squad2 - 10Straw Hat Stars
On Cue11 - 1Horse and Jockey
vLabour A
The Bull3 - 9The Rigger B
The Duke Of Wellington12 - 0On Cue Wrongens
Madisons2 - 10Grace Old Boys
Straw Hat MisfitsvThe Woodlands

Tuesday 4th of July 2017
Travellers Rest7 - 6The Woodlands
Grace Old Boys11 - 1Straw Hat Misfits
On Cue Wrongens9 - 3Madisons
The Rigger B 11 - 1The Duke Of Wellington
Labour A8 - 4The Bull
Horse and Jockey v
Straw Hat Stars4 - 8On Cue
Woodlands Newco10 - 2Grace Squad

Tuesday 11th of July 2017
Grace Squad1 - 11Travellers Rest
On Cue5 - 7Woodlands Newco
vStraw Hat Stars
The Bull7 - 5Horse and Jockey
The Duke Of Wellington3 - 9Labour A
Madisons3 - 9The Rigger B
Straw Hat Misfits2 - 10On Cue Wrongens
The Woodlands7 - 6Grace Old Boys

Tuesday 18th of July 2017
Travellers Rest7 - 6Grace Old Boys
On Cue Wrongens10 - 2The Woodlands
The Rigger B 8 - 4Straw Hat Misfits
Labour A5 - 8Madisons
Horse and Jockey 8 - 4The Duke Of Wellington
Straw Hat Stars11 - 1The Bull
Woodlands Newcov
Grace Squad2 - 10On Cue

Tuesday 8th of August 2017
On Cue5 - 7Travellers Rest
vGrace Squad
The Bull3 - 9Woodlands Newco
The Duke Of Wellington2 - 10Straw Hat Stars
Madisons9 - 3Horse and Jockey
Straw Hat Misfits2 - 10Labour A
The Woodlands4 - 8The Rigger B
Grace Old Boys3 - 9On Cue Wrongens

Tuesday 15th of August 2017
Travellers Rest1 - 11On Cue Wrongens
The Rigger B 9 - 3Grace Old Boys
Labour A6 - 7The Woodlands
Horse and Jockey 5 - 7Straw Hat Misfits
Straw Hat Stars10 - 2Madisons
Woodlands Newco8 - 4The Duke Of Wellington
Grace SquadvThe Bull
On Cuev

Tuesday 22nd of August 2017
vTravellers Rest
The Bull0 - 12On Cue
The Duke Of Wellington6 - 7Grace Squad
Madisons5 - 7Woodlands Newco
Straw Hat Misfits2 - 10Straw Hat Stars
The Woodlands9 - 3Horse and Jockey
Grace Old Boys8 - 4Labour A
On Cue Wrongens7 - 5The Rigger B

Tuesday 29th of August 2017
Travellers Rest8 - 4The Rigger B
Labour A2 - 10On Cue Wrongens
Horse and Jockey 7 - 5Grace Old Boys
Straw Hat Stars7 - 5The Woodlands
Woodlands Newco9 - 3Straw Hat Misfits
Grace Squad12 - 0Madisons
On Cue12 - 0The Duke Of Wellington
vThe Bull

Tuesday 5th of September 2017
The Bull4 - 8Travellers Rest
The Duke Of Wellingtonv
Madisons2 - 10On Cue
Straw Hat Misfits8 - 4Grace Squad
The Woodlands10 - 2Woodlands Newco
Grace Old Boys2 - 10Straw Hat Stars
On Cue Wrongens9 - 3Horse and Jockey
The Rigger B 4 - 8Labour A

Tuesday 12th of September 2017
Travellers Rest7 - 5Labour A
Horse and Jockey 7 - 6The Rigger B
Straw Hat Stars7 - 5On Cue Wrongens
Woodlands Newco8 - 4Grace Old Boys
Grace Squad5 - 7The Woodlands
On Cue12 - 0Straw Hat Misfits
The Bull9 - 3The Duke Of Wellington

Tuesday 19th of September 2017
The Duke Of Wellington2 - 10Travellers Rest
Madisons2 - 10The Bull
Straw Hat Misfitsv
The Woodlands1 - 11On Cue
Grace Old Boys10 - 2Grace Squad
On Cue Wrongens9 - 3Woodlands Newco
The Rigger B 3 - 9Straw Hat Stars
Labour A10 - 2Horse and Jockey

Tuesday 26th of September 2017
Travellers Rest9 - 3Horse and Jockey
Straw Hat Stars8 - 4Labour A
Woodlands Newco7 - 6The Rigger B
Grace Squad4 - 8On Cue Wrongens
On Cue9 - 3Grace Old Boys
vThe Woodlands
The Bull12 - 0Straw Hat Misfits
The Duke Of Wellington4 - 8Madisons

Tuesday 3rd of October 2017
Madisons1 - 11Travellers Rest
Straw Hat Misfits9 - 3The Duke Of Wellington
The Woodlands7 - 5The Bull
Grace Old Boysv
On Cue Wrongens5 - 7On Cue
The Rigger B 9 - 3Grace Squad
Labour A5 - 7Woodlands Newco
Horse and Jockey 3 - 9Straw Hat Stars

Tuesday 10th of October 2017
Travellers Rest6 - 7Straw Hat Stars
Horse and Jockey 3 - 9Woodlands Newco
Labour A10 - 2Grace Squad
The Rigger B 7 - 6On Cue
On Cue Wrongensv
Grace Old Boys9 - 3The Bull
The Woodlands10 - 2The Duke Of Wellington
Straw Hat Misfits6 - 7Madisons

Tuesday 17th of October 2017
Straw Hat Misfits0 - 12Travellers Rest
Madisons1 - 11The Woodlands
The Duke Of Wellington4 - 8Grace Old Boys
The Bull12 - 0On Cue Wrongens
vThe Rigger B
On Cue9 - 3Labour A
Grace Squad7 - 5Horse and Jockey
Woodlands Newco4 - 8Straw Hat Stars

Tuesday 24th of October 2017
Travellers Rest5 - 7Woodlands Newco
Straw Hat Stars10 - 2Grace Squad
Horse and Jockey 2 - 10On Cue
Labour Av
The Rigger B 9 - 3The Bull
On Cue Wrongens0 - 12The Duke Of Wellington
Grace Old Boys12 - 0Madisons
The WoodlandsvStraw Hat Misfits

Tuesday 31st of October 2017
The Woodlands3 - 9Travellers Rest
Straw Hat Misfits4 - 8Grace Old Boys
Madisons12 - 0On Cue Wrongens
The Duke Of Wellington3 - 9The Rigger B
The Bull8 - 4Labour A
vHorse and Jockey
On Cue5 - 7Straw Hat Stars
Grace Squad3 - 9Woodlands Newco

Tuesday 7th of November 2017
Travellers Rest10 - 2Grace Squad
Woodlands Newco4 - 8On Cue
Straw Hat Starsv
Horse and Jockey 4 - 8The Bull
Labour A10 - 2The Duke Of Wellington
The Rigger B 9 - 3Madisons
On Cue Wrongens0 - 12Straw Hat Misfits
Grace Old Boys7 - 5The Woodlands

Tuesday 14th of November 2017
Grace Old Boys3 - 9Travellers Rest
The Woodlands12 - 0On Cue Wrongens
Straw Hat Misfits1 - 11The Rigger B
Madisons3 - 9Labour A
The Duke Of Wellington5 - 7Horse and Jockey
The Bull4 - 8Straw Hat Stars
vWoodlands Newco
On Cue11 - 1Grace Squad

Tuesday 21st of November 2017
Travellers Rest5 - 7On Cue
Grace Squadv
Woodlands Newco7 - 6The Bull
Straw Hat Stars12 - 0The Duke Of Wellington
Horse and Jockey 12 - 0Madisons
Labour A12 - 0Straw Hat Misfits
The Rigger B 9 - 3The Woodlands
On Cue Wrongens0 - 12Grace Old Boys

Tuesday 28th of November 2017
On Cue Wrongens0 - 12Travellers Rest
Grace Old Boys8 - 4The Rigger B
The Woodlands5 - 7Labour A
Straw Hat Misfits7 - 5Horse and Jockey
Madisons4 - 8Straw Hat Stars
The Duke Of Wellington3 - 9Woodlands Newco
The Bull12 - 0Grace Squad
vOn Cue

Tuesday 5th of December 2017
Travellers Restv
On Cue9 - 3The Bull
Grace SquadvThe Duke Of Wellington
Woodlands Newco8 - 4Madisons
Straw Hat Stars8 - 4Straw Hat Misfits
Horse and Jockey 6 - 7The Woodlands
Labour A9 - 3Grace Old Boys
The Rigger B 12 - 0On Cue Wrongens

Tuesday 12th of December 2017
The Rigger B 9 - 3Travellers Rest
On Cue Wrongens0 - 12Labour A
Grace Old Boys8 - 4Horse and Jockey
The Woodlands3 - 9Straw Hat Stars
Straw Hat Misfits4 - 8Woodlands Newco
MadisonsvGrace Squad
The Duke Of Wellington1 - 11On Cue
The Bullv

Tuesday 19th of December 2017
Travellers Rest9 - 3The Bull
vThe Duke Of Wellington
On Cue9 - 3Madisons
Grace Squad7 - 6Straw Hat Misfits
Woodlands Newco7 - 5The Woodlands
Straw Hat Stars10 - 2Grace Old Boys
Horse and Jockey 12 - 0On Cue Wrongens
Labour A6 - 7The Rigger B

Tuesday 2nd of January 2018
Labour A7 - 5Travellers Rest
The Rigger B 8 - 4Horse and Jockey
On Cue Wrongens0 - 12Straw Hat Stars
Grace Old Boys3 - 9Woodlands Newco
The Woodlands11 - 1Grace Squad
Straw Hat Misfits0 - 12On Cue
The Duke Of Wellington1 - 11The Bull

Tuesday 9th of January 2018
Travellers Rest12 - 0The Duke Of Wellington
The Bull10 - 2Madisons
vStraw Hat Misfits
On Cue11 - 1The Woodlands
Grace Squad4 - 8Grace Old Boys
Woodlands Newco12 - 0On Cue Wrongens
Straw Hat Stars8 - 4The Rigger B
Horse and Jockey 7 - 6Labour A

Tuesday 16th of January 2018
Horse and Jockey 2 - 10Travellers Rest
Labour A4 - 8Straw Hat Stars
The Rigger B 7 - 6Woodlands Newco
On Cue Wrongens0 - 12Grace Squad
Grace Old Boys3 - 9On Cue
The Woodlandsv
Straw Hat MisfitsvThe Bull
Madisons4 - 8The Duke Of Wellington

Tuesday 23rd of January 2018
Travellers Rest12 - 0Madisons
The Duke Of WellingtonvStraw Hat Misfits
The Bull7 - 5The Woodlands
vGrace Old Boys
On Cue12 - 0On Cue Wrongens
Grace Squad2 - 10The Rigger B
Woodlands Newco5 - 7Labour A
Straw Hat Stars8 - 4Horse and Jockey